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March 2009

Save Lake Illawarra Action Group, Windang Shop owners and Fishing Clubs are carrying out a Community Survey asking members

“Do you want a Marine Park in the Entrance to Lake Illawarra?
With an answer of YES or NO”

To participate, sign partitions at Windang Tackle Shop

March 2009

National Parks Association media release Marine Park Proposal

March 2009

Lake Illawarra –North/South Lake Illawarra Aquatic Reserves – 340 ha

The Broadscale Biodiversity Assessment of the Hawkesbury Shelf Bioregion identified Lake Illawarra as an area of important biodiversity value for the following reasons:

  • Listed in the Directory of Important Wetlands (ANCA 1996).
  • Berkeley Nature Reserve, which includes Gooseberry and Hooka Islands in Lake
  • Illawarra, is on the Register of the National Estate.
  • Seagrass such as Zostera sp. and other estuarine vegetation such as Ruppia sp. provide food for waterfowl on the Lake.
  • A total of 24 species of waterbirds are recorded from here, including grey teal (Anas gibberifrons), chestnut teal (Anas castanea), black swan (Cygnus atratus) and Australasian little grebe (Podiceps novaehollandiae).
  • Foreshore vegetation includes saltmarsh with species such as Samphire (Sarcocornia quinqueflora), shore rush (Juncus kraussii), common reed (Phragmites australis), swamp oak (Casuarina glauca), and creeping saltbush (Atriplex australasica) (ANCA 1996).
  • Threatened and vulnerable species recorded at Lake Illawarra include
  • The endangered little tern (Sterna albifrons), hooded plover (Thinornis rubricollis), freckled duck (Stictonetta naevosa), Australasian bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus), black bittern (Ixobrychus flavicollis), sanderling (Calidris alba), great knot (Calidris tenuirostris), blacktailed godwit (Limosa limosa), terek sandpiper (Xenus cinereus), pied oystercatcher (Haematopus longirostris), greater sand plover (Charadrius leschenaultii) and the white tern (Gygis alba) (ANCA 1996).
  • 172 Species listed under JAMBA or CAMBA recorded near Lake Illawarra include
  • sooty shearwater (Puffinus griseus), brown booby (Sula leucogaster), great egret (Ardea alba), cattle egret (Ardea ibis), eastern reef egret (Egretta sacra), white-bellied sea-eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster), common sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos), ruddy turnstone (Arenaria interpres), sharp-tailed sandpiper (Calidris acuminata), red knot (Calidris canutus), curlew sandpiper (Calidris ferruginea), pectoral sandpiper (Calidris melanotos), red-necked stint (Calidris ruficollis), Lathams snipe (Gallinago hardwickii), grey-tailed tattler (Heteroscelus brevipes), wandering tattler (Heteroscelus incanus), bartailed godwit (Limosa lapponica), eastern curlew (Numenius madagascariensis), common greenshank (Tringa nebularia), marsh sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis), lesser golden plover (Pluvialis dominica), grey plover (Pluvialis squatarola), white-winged black tern (Chlidonias leucopterus), crested tern (Sterna bergii), caspian tern (Sterna caspia), common tern (Sterna hirundo), and fork-tailed swift (Apus pacificus) (ANCA 1996).

Recommendation 16:

That 340 ha at the northern end of Lake Illawarra between Wallamai Point and Currrungoba Point and 345 ha at the entrance to Lake Illawarra to Boonerah Point taking in Bevans Island as described in Map 19 be established as a no-take Aquatic Reserve.

March 2009

Save Lake Illawarra Action Group sent this letter to the LIA in response to the above proposal



Bruce Carter - Secretary
Save Lake Illawarra Action Group inc.

Mr B Dooley – Executive Officer
Lake Illawarra Authority

By Email:

04 February 2009

Dear Brian

Proposed South Lake Illawarra Aquatic Reserve.

The National Park Association has proposed a Aquatic Reserve to extend from Windang Island in the east to where the Entrance Channel in the west enters into Lake Illawarra proper.

Save Lake Illawarra Action Group, Windang Shop owners and Fishing Clubs are carrying out a Community Survey asking members “Do you want a Marine Park in the Entrance to Lake Illawarra? With an answer of YES or NO”

The results so far are 99% NO!

Has the Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) board discussed this issue and what was the outcome?

Is the LIA going to support or oppose the establishment of this Aquatic Reserve?

We have listed 10 points of why we believe that the proposal to extend the Aquatic Reserve from Windang Island to Lake Illawarra proper should be stopped.

  1. The Entrance has very little of its natural feature left, the $12 million permanent entrance has totally destroyed any resemblance to the entrance 200 years ago.

  2. Other man made changes which destroyed any resemblance to the original entrance were the removal of the Warilla sand hills, the blocking of the back channel when the old wooden bridge collapsed and the concrete bridge construction with all its pylons stopping the tidal flow.

  3. The tourist industry of Windang relies on fishing and prawning for a major proportion of its income. This was seen when the lake was closed for a long time before the entrance works were completed.

  4. The LIA has offered a property in Windang as a possible boat shed. Without fishing or prawning that proposal will not be viable.

  5. Wollongong City Council Caravan Park would suffer a financial loss placing more burden on ratepayers.

  6. Recreational fishermen and local school children would lose the best recreational fishing spot in the Illawarra, the access and safety for children can not be found anywhere else in the Illawarra.

  7. The Marine Park would stop any future work to the channel system. Now that a power station has been installed the flow of water into the lake is necessary.

  8. Stopping fishing in the entrance will do nothing to help fish stock in the lake as the professionals are allowed to net the breeding grounds in the main lake and have your support in doing so.

  9. The effect of the amount of water now entering and leaving the main channel has removed much of the sea grass, destroying the worm beds with moving sand and leaving the sea grass flats at Mt Warrigal and Primbee exposed for long periods of time. As a result of this the fish become easy prey to the nets of the professional fishing and this is depleting fish stocks further still.

  10. It is not the entrance which needs protection; it is the breeding grounds in the lake proper.

We are seeking the support of Lake Illawarra Authority in stopping the establishment of this Aquatic Reserve in Lake Illawarra.

Yours Faithfully

Bruce Carter

November 2008


Lake Illawarra, The Long Wait ,November 2008 ,NEW

Finally a NEW boat hire operator on Lake Illawarra .

Boab boat hire have finally achieved approval from Wollongong Council to operate their boat hire business out of the premises at 17 Fern Street , Windang, directly opposite the boat ramp at Windang.

“Boab boat Hire” will have ocean boat and lake boats for hire.

Ring 1300 00 BOAB
(1300 00 2622)
to book a boat and happy fishing.

2nd November 2008 Rise and Shine Wollongong and Shellharbour

This year we cleaned

Koonawarra Bay, Kanahooka

PCYC, Reddall Pde, Lake Illawarra

Ski Park, Reddall Pde, Mt. Warrigal/Oak Flats

It was a great success with a lot of people young and old joining in. Thank you to all volunteers!!!

14th March 2008 The 3 B’s (Bob Parsons, Bruce Carter and Barry Hennessy) held a meeting with Lylea McMahon MP the new State member for Shellharbour on 14 March 2008

7 Items were raised:
  1. Back Channel, Bevans Island , showed her various plans and articles.
  2. Dredging of the lake channel at the ‘drop off’ to main lake.
  3. Lake Illawarra Management Plan can she obtain a copy for our group as it has been given to some schools.
  4. ‘Boab boat hire’ at Windang.
  5. Drains Reddall Pde no reply from LIA on our solution to the problem.
  6. Fish hall netting in lake Illawarra can fishing licence money be used to buy out these licences?
  7. LIA community members sworn to secrecy and can not discuss lake issues until two months after a meeting

For more details click here.

11th March 2008 till today

Red algae has been found in parts of Lake Illawarra. A warning sign was erected at Boonerah Point. It was later removed and then reinstalled.

News are conflicting, some stating the algae bloom is harmless.

2nd March 2008 Cleanup Australia Day 2008

A record number of volunteers joined SLIAG for Cleanup Australia Day this year.
Thank you all. For more pictures and writeup click here.

February 2008

Tallawarra Power Station

When visiting this site in February 2008 we found contractors working on the old water Inlet channel from Lake Illawarra to the power station.

As these channels will be used to pump water from the lake into the power station, for cooling purposes, they have to be clean.

Photo shows the concrete channel, all you can see is air bubbles on the water surface under these bubbles is a diver walking on the channel bottom vacuuming all the rubbish and silt form the bottom.

Photo shows silt etc being pumped onto the old bowling greens that were on the site, the greens acting like a mini dam to catch all the silt etc they hope.

Photo shows over-flow dirty water from the bowling green pouring back into the lake.

We would like to know is this dirty black water contaminated.

Are TRUenergy polluting the lake?

Do Wollongong City Council and the Lake Illawarra Authority CARE?

We the residents, and users of the lake, DO CARE.

February 2008


What has happened since the Entrance Project was completed in September 2007?


The first problem was the Southern wall starting to move, allowing boulders to roll into the entrance channel and three fishermen have sofar fallen through crevasses created by the wall movement.

The wall has been repaired and strengthened by the LIA. However, is the wall moving because the LIA did not install the fiber-glass barrier between the base rock and the armor rock as designed? The cost saving of $120,000 could be a costly saving.

SLIAG warns all to be vigilant when on the wall as more holes are appearing.


The Wall Construction Company and the dredging contractor have warned that there was too much sand left in the entrance and it was always going to be a problem.

The Bird Island has proven that already. Only months after the project was completed the excavator and bulldozers were back costing thousands of dollars to restore the channel around it and building a retaining wall along the adjacent foreshore.

Rain falls of 156mm and heavy seas on Monday the 4th February has washed away the middle beach and has started on the Bird Island, where is that sand now?


The back channel near the kiosk quickly filled with sand and blocked the street drains.

A bulldozer opened the channel to the kiosk area and has made the Kiosk area a safe place for children to play. Only time will tell how long it will last.


An unpredicted outcome is the sandbar at the “drop off” at the upper entrance into the lake proper.

The Coast Guard heard complaints from boat owners before Christmas and the LIA is still undecided what to do.

How much damage to boats before the LIA do something?

Shallow water at drop off.


These aerial photos will show the sand movement from the entrance to the drop off into the lake.

If the entrance remains open where will all the sand end up?

The Lake Illawarra Authority has said that maintenance dredging will be done as required. Does that mean that the main channel will be kept at a depth of 2 metres and 80 metres wide? only time will tell.

Showing  photos from entrance to drop off. Click on photo to see full size image.


The LIA are saying that the lake is non- tidal because the Attorney General v Swan 1921 said it wasn’t and the LIA said it cannot be tidal because the entrance was man made. The Lake is now tidal blind Freddie can see that and has dropped by 100 millimetres in height, this has left the back channel behind Bevans Island and the Oaklands Village dry at low tide. This has left the Village without boating access to the lake for half of every day. The Bevans channel was part of the entrance project that was never completed.

To find out more look at The Bevans channel project.

These side channels which are now blocked have stopped fish and prawns from entering the main channel leaving the only access to the entrace down the main channel. This allows the Pro Fishermen to net this channel, stopping fish and prawns migrating to the sea and stopping the amateur licenced fishermen getting their fair share.


The Northern wall is showing a little movement but this was expected as some settlement must take place.

Local fisherman have pointed out that the middle wall of stage 1 is also starting to crumble.

After the heavy rains in February 2008, SLIAG informed the LIA.

Note gap between walkway and rock wall


Koonawarra Bay and Skiway Park were cleaned up by SLIAG and a number of volunteers.

A big thank you to ALL !!!

4th October 2007 Sadly our beloved member Margaret Boston passed away. She will be missed by all. Eulogy
21st September 2007 CRED on the Tallawarra Power Station and proposed developments.
Concerned Residents of East Dapto, Tallawarra Power Station submission pdf
21st September 2007 The much awaited opening of the lake will take place this Saturday at 11am at the Reddall Parade boat ramp
3rd September 2007 Lake Illawarra Entrance at high tide.

The water is lovely and clear and flowing well.

The tidal flow can be observed all around the lake.

Lake water is of great colour even after heavy rains.

Aerial photos on the LIA site show clearly the amount of dirt
coming out of Lake Illawarra after the opening.

15th August 2007

The Community Liaison Group (CLG) was one of the conditions of approval by the Minister and set up by the LIA so that the community could have some input into the Lake Illawarra Entrance Works Project  

They held their last meeting on 28 June 2007 , the role of the CLG is now complete.

We would like to thank Bob Prospero, SLIAG’s representative, and Barry Hennessy, community representative, a long time advocate for a better lake, for their input into the Liaison group.

Quotes from a LIA letter dated 9 July 2007 the LIA:

  • The Authority believes the project has met the expectations of the community.
  • As the Authority has stated on a number of occasions however there is no guarantee the entrance will remain permanently open – only time will tell.
  • It is envisaged that from time to time minor works may be necessary to repair damage to the breakwater structures from big seas or major floods.
18th June 2007 New article: Good things about Lake Illawarra
8th June 2007

Bird Island

Is it sand dredging?

Is it sand castle building?

Is it superman?

Is it a bird?


One of the conditions of approval for Lake Illawarra Entrance works, stage 2 was for the project to build a Bird Island. We hope that the birds can read and know that it’s their island.

Lake Illawarra Entrance works, stage 1.  When this project was constructed it included the Central Rock Training Wall between the boat ramp and the Ocean, this was to be a BIRD SANCTUARY but because the naughty lake water did not do what it was supposed to do (nothing to do with a the LIA changing the plans) the LIA had to built a rock weir between the central rock training wall and the foreshore of Reddall Parade thus creating a DAM which has caused problem ever since.

Instead of building the “bird Island” in stage 2 it would have been a lot more sensible and most likely cheaper to remove this weir and convert the Central Rock Training Wall back to a BIRD SANCTUARY.  This would also have solved some of the problems at the Lake entrance.

5th June 2007

Entrance June 2007

Dredge in entrance and "birdisland" being built in the entrance (click on pics for larger version. popups need to be enabled)

22nd May 07

LIA Board

In the past the LIA board were elected for a term of 2 years, which expired in August 2006 but the then Minister for Natural Resources the HON. Ian Macdonald MLC extended their term for an extra 12 months, no reasons were given at the time.

We wrote to the minister in January 2007 asking why the extension, but true to past form, the Minister did not reply to our letters.

After the State Elections the LIA came under a new department the “Environment and Climate Change” and a new Minister Hon. Phil Koperberg MP. To his credit he has now replied to our question. (see attached letter for his reply)    

19th May 07
The Authority announces that holes which appeared last week in part of the southern wall will now be plugged with more rock.

It also seems that some of the wall is partly sinking into the surf.

24th April 07 Lake Illawarra Authority open the lake, due to heavy rains and the fear of flooding.


New article on the progress of the dredging and the changes made to the design

3th March 07

Save the Wall RALLY

The Save the Wall Rally was held on Saturday 3rd March 2007 .

In 2003 the Labor State Government promised a permanent entrance to Lake Illawarra at a cost of $4 million, the cost to be shared 50% Government, 50% Councils.

The lake entrance committee was formed and chaired by Professor Thom.

Option 9 was adopted, this consisted of three parts.

  1. The construction of the Northern Break Wall
  2. Dredging the sand from the main channel, placing sand on Warrilla beach and
  3. The dredging of the back channel behind Bevans Island .

In November 2006 the Lake Illawarra Authority LIA said there had been a cost blow out of $1.7 million and there were two alternatives.

  1. Either cut back the scope of work or
  2. the State Government and Councils would have to share the cost increase.

The LIA said that the extra money had been paid and the work could be completed.

In February 2007 the LIA said that the wall would e shortened by 25 metres because the wall had reached the depth of water required. That depth was known in November when the LIA PROMISED TO COMPLETE THE JOB.

Pollution man and his friend Miss Slime advertising the rally.

The lake has now been closed for 16 months. This has led to a disastrous tourist season. The last 2 Christmas holiday seasons have cost small businesses thousands of dollars, no prawns or fish for the locals and a polluted lake not fit to swim in.

If the promised work is not completed, will the entrance be closed for the third year in a row?

The shortening of the northern wall by 25 metres. WHY?

The northern wall is the most important part of the wall project, it takes the largest wave action and is to stop Windang beach from rounding the wall and filling the entrance with sand. We believe it has been stopped because of another cost blow out, or the Government and Council are not paying their share. At a LIA meeting on the 5th October 2006 , the LIA members agreed that work should be completed as per design and as expected by the community, why have they changed their minds?

The rocks are at Dunmore tip. They are left over from the 40,000 tons of rock punched from the Kiama bypass. These rocks were too small to be used to complete the wall, this has added to the cost blow out, because bigger rocks had to be purchased, doubling the cost of rock to complete the wall. Why has the closing off of the upstream entry near the boat ramp been stopped when there is all this rock left?

These photos show the sand that is already forming at the end of the completed southern wall. This sand will was into the lake when the entrance is opened.

The first design had the walls 40 metres longer than the completed wall the shortening of the northern wall will have a more profound effect.

The sand in this photo is in front of the northern wall that is not completed. The northern wall was also shortened by 40 metres from the first design add that to another 25 metres and the question must be asked, WILL IT WORK? Is the water depth the same now as it was in November? The photo shows NO however, the LIA will save $140,000 by not completing the wall.

The dredge has started dredging the 200,000 cubic metres of sand from the lake entrance channel and the alarm bell are already ringing. The length of the channel has been increased by another 300 metres in length without increasing the amount of sand to be dredged. When the question was asked, will the dredging be completed to the sea, the answer was: at this point in time. That same answer was given when asked about the wall.

At the SAVE THE WALL RALLY all the candidates for the NSW State Election were invited to speak about the entrance works, Mayor Darling IND said it was the funding of the project that was the problem. Noreen Hay, Labor, said they were committed to Lake Illawarra . Marianne Saliba, who spoke on behalf of Lylea McMahon, ALP candidate, who was in attendance, said that the Labor Government had given $5 million to the project and that all the water front homes were to blame for pollution of Lake Illawarra. The LIA had the Wollongong Deputy Mayor Kiril Jonovski and Susan Chapman, LIA members, who said the lake would run dry if opened too soon and funding was a problem. Shellharbour Councillor Jeff Rose said that he believed that the funding was on a 50/50 basis and that council were committed to paying their share. Other speakers from the community condemned the lack of commitment to complete the entrance project as promised.

SAVE LAKE ILLAWARRA ACTION GROUP thank all those who came to listen and participate in the rally. There were no guarantees of more money to complete the entrance works. There appears to be a cover up on the funding of the project, the LIA are crying poor and at the same time are spending $800,000 on a shared walkway at Koona Bay , destroying endangered wetland and endangered bird habitat. SLIAG has put the LIA on notice, they and the entrance project are being watched and we will keep the community informed.

4th March 07


A Big Thank You to all volunteers who participated in Cleanup Australia Day this year.

February 07 NEW

Letters by SLIAG sent to Ministers and members of Government asking for answers regarding the entrance works

14th February 07

work continues at the northern breakwall

The dredge is being assembled under the watchful eyes of the public.

panoramic view of lake entrance and dredge assembly in background

22nd January 07

Pipes are brought in at the Lake Entrance. Allthough delayed, the dredging will hopefully start soon.

14th December 06

‘Rise & Shine” a Environmental Improvement Program run Annually by Wollongong City Council.

2006 marked the 21st anniversary of the “Rise & Shine campaign.

Save Lake Illawarra Action Group were selected to receive a “Rise & Shine” Special Environmental Encouragement Award in recognition of our contribution to improve the City’s environment.

>read more>

5th November 06


This year SAVE LAKE ILLAWARRA ACTION GROUP cleaned up Kully Bay area near the Yacht Club, Northcliffe Drive.

24th October 06

Read Brian Dooleys (Executive Officer of the Lake Illawarra Authority) letter.

Submitted to Shellharbour Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting on the 24th October 2006

Letter from Brian Dooley, Executive Officer of the Lake Illawarra Authority Submitted to Shellharbour Council Meeting 24 10 06 pdf
19th October 06 Northwall and Southwall reaching into the ocean. Sand is building up from the entrance into the surf

For a more detailed look at the Lake Illawarra Entrance including a map of the proposed entrance and more pictures click here:
Stage 2 Lake Entrance Works


19th August 06 Southwall


5th August 06

The construction of the Northern Wall is well underway, with the rocks almost reaching the ocean.

For a more detailed look at the Lake Illawarra Entrance including a map of the proposed entrance and more pictures click here:
Stage 2 Lake Entrance Works

22nd June 06

Hurrah  Hurrah!  The bulldozers have started moving and the sand is piling up.  Work on the Northern Wall to Lake Illawarra was started today, 22nd June 2006 .

The official Opening Ceremony was held on site with the Minister for Illawarra, David Campbell attending.  The opening was marred by rain; let’s hope it is not a sign of lots of rain to delay the construction of the wall.

The barrier fencing around the site have been put in place from the Sand Dunes to the ocean, which means access from Windang Beach to Warilla beach is denied.

Access for fishing off Windang Island is now only available from the access tracks over the sand dunes at Warilla Beach .

5th March 06

Community and members of Save Lake Illawarra Action Group participated in the annual Clean Up Australia Day with great results.


Save Lake Illawarra Action Group and growing number of volunteers cleaned up Pelican View Reserve and foreshores of Lake Illawarra. > Read more, see more pictures >

19th February 06


Over 350 people participated in the Lake Wake
at Reddall Reserve Lake Illawarra. > Read more, see more pictures >

February 2006

One year after the EIS.....



The Illawarra Mercury reported that the Minister for the Illawarra, David Campbell MP, said work on the Northern Break Wall would start in April 06. Local member Marianne Saliba MP also said the construction would start in April. What do they mean by will start?

Minister Frank Sartor said work would be completed by 2008. On the LIA website you can read the full Minister's report. Following is a list of points from this report.

Take note of condition 19, 24, 27 and the time frame they imply and tell us when you think construction work will actually start? How can quotations be completed on time under these conditions?

Brief report on the Ministers approval for the Northern Wall.

Minister’s approval of the Lake Illawarra Entrance works (stage 2) dated 7 December 2005 to the activity referred to in Schedule 1, subject to the conditions in Schedule 2.

Schedule 1, The Activity is:

The Lake Illawarra Entrance Works Project (stage 2) as described in the EIS dated January 2005, and as modified by the Representations Report dated June 2005.

Schedule 2, Conditions of Approval:

There are 56 conditions and most conditions have 2 to 19 sub conditions.

List of main conditions.

  • 3          LIA must notify the Director General (DG), DEC, DPI, DNR and Councils of starting date at least 4 weeks before starting date.
  • 7          LIA must submit a Staging Report to the DG at least 4 weeks before construction commences with 2 sub conditions.
  • 8          LIA must submit a Pre-Construction Compliance Report to the DG at least 4 weeks before construction commences with 3 sub conditions.
  • 9          LIA must submit a Pre-Operation Compliance Report to the DG at least 4 weeks before construction commences with 3 sub conditions.
  • 10        LIA must submit a Construction Compliance Report to the DG, Councils and Govt Departments at six monthly intervals with 7 sub conditions.
  • 11        LIA must submit an Environmental Impact Audit Report-Construction to the DG at three monthly intervals with 4 sub conditions.
  • 12        LIA must submit an Environmental Impact Audit Report- Operation to the DG at least 24 months after the activity begins with 6 sub conditions.
  • 13        LIA must prepare a Construction Environmental Management Plan and obtain DG approval before construction commences with 19 sub conditions.
  • 14        LIA must prepare an Operation Environmental Management Plan and obtain DG approval before construction commences with 16 sub conditions.
  • 15        LIA must appoint an Environmental Management Representative (EMR) with the DG approval at least 8 weeks before construction commences
  • 18        the EMR is authorized to carry out 9 conditions.
  • 19        LIA must advertise in relevant newspapers three months before constructions commences then advertise the nature of works proposed at three monthly intervals with 3 sub conditions.
  • 20        LIA must establish an Activity internet site before construction commences with 5 sub conditions.
  • 21        A Community Liaison Group must be formed before construction commences with 9 sub conditions.
  • 23        LIA must prepare a Construction Complaints Management System and obtain DG approval before construction commences with 4 sub conditions.
  • 24        Prior to commencement of substantial construction the LIA must submit a report to the DG on the potential for reducing the height of the northern breakwater. The report must address 7 conditions.
  • 25        As part of the Operation Environmental Management Plan the LIA must implement a detailed Monitoring Sub-Plan and must address matters in Appendix A and section 14 of the EIS.
  • 27        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, a Flora and Fauna Management Sub Plan must be prepared with 13 sub conditions.
  • One condition is No construction of the northern breakwater must occur from chainage 0m to 150m from October to March inclusive.
  • 28        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, an Aquatic Bird Management Plan must be prepared with 5 sub conditions.
  • 29        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, an Indigenous Heritage Management Sub Plan must be prepared with 3 sub conditions
  • 31        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, a Historical Relic Management Sub Plan must be prepared with 3 sub conditions 
  • 33        A Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan mpust be repared with 12 sub conditions
  • 41        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, a Soil and Water Management Sub Plan must be prepared with 7 sub conditions.
  • 43        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, an Acid Sulfate Soil Management Sub Plan must be prepared with 3 sub conditions.
  • 44        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, a Dust Management Sub Plan must be prepared with 5 sub conditions.
  • 51        Road Dilapidation reports must be prepared before and after construction for all roads likely to be used.
  • 52        As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, a Construction Traffic Management Sub Plan must be prepared with 8 sub conditions.
  • 53        LIA must prepare and implement Hazards and Risks Management Sub Plans with 2 sub conditions.
  • 54        LIA must prepare Waste Management and Re-use Sub Plans with 4 sub conditions
1st December 05

LAKE ILLAWARRA Lagoon swimming area

According to LIA minutes in December 2005, sampling and testing of lagoon water commenced in October 2005. Results show high levels of bacteria (faecal coliforms and enterococcus) on 20 October and
1 November 2005.

30th November 05


There has been no work on the project up to November 2005. 
We were told that the project would start in March 2005.

The news is that it will not start until March 2006, if the LIA get the necessary approvals. 

It is not only the little Terns that have to be happy, it appears the wind surfers want the project stopped because it will upsets their sailing of Perkins Beach. 

The Department of Planning (NSW Government) is taking the wind surfers complaints serious and has asked the LIA to respond to their concerns.

The Northern Wall project has been in the public arena for nearly 3 years.  The wind surfers only raised concerns some months ago in February 2005.

The wind surfers want the wall stopped or the height of the northern wall reduced to 2m high so that it will not affect the wind flow at Perkins Beach .

Perkins Beach is only good for wind surfing when a Southerly wind is blowing.  This does not happen very often as the majority of the time Perkins beach is subject to North-easterly winds.

A submission made by a handful of wind surfers is holding up the project.

We would like your comments.  Send us your email :

27th November 05



Until Monday 21 November 2005 fresh sea water was entering the lake twice a day, for an hour or so each side of the high tide, then the LIA moved in to make a wet notch.

The LIA spent 4 days and thousands of dollars to remove sand from the main channel and the swimming lagoon.  Where did this sand go?  Most of it was used to form a 3m high Sand Dam wall at the lake entrance to the ocean.

Why did the LIA close the lake entrance while some fresh ocean sea water was still coming into the lake at high tide?

This week the LIA have sealed the fate of Lake Illawarra for the Xmas and holiday tourist season.

23rd November 05

LIA close lake entrance

All we can say is “pray for rain” because the LIA have no intention of opening the lake to the ocean until the lake water height reaches 800 mm above sea level. 

At this height the LIA are forced to open the lake entrance because properties will start to flood.Isn’t it a pity that the LIA are more worried about insurance claims than they are about maintaining an opening to our lake?

4 days work and thousands of dollars spent for what? The lake could have been open by now but the LIA policy is the law.

When will the wishes of the community and common sense prevail?

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6th November 2005

Community and members of Save Lake Illawarra Action Group participated in the annual Rise and Shine Campaign to Clean up the Environment.


This is a community clean up campaign run by Wollongong City Council. 

One of the areas to be clean up this year was the Lake Illawarra Catchment. This was the third (3) year that Save Lake Illawarra Action Group has participated .

Save Lake Illawarra Action Group was awarded the Rise & Shine environmental award 2005 by Wollongong Council.

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24th October 05


The photo shows the stockpile of rocks at Windang on Monday 24 October 2005 waiting for the construction of the Northern Break Wall. 

The Lake Illawarra Authority said that work would start on the Northern Break Wall in May 2005 and completed in 18 months.

To date NO work has started, HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO WAIT?

22nd October 05


The photo of Lake Entrance at low tide of  0.6m on Saturday 22 October 2005 . It shows the lake entrance CLOSED. At this stage a small amount of fresh water is getting into the lake at high tide BUT for how long?

Keeping the entrance of Lake Illawarra open is the responsibility of the Lake Illawarra Authority.

WARNING when the entrance is completely blocked pollution levels in the lake rise, making it unsafe to swim in the Lake .  Pollution readings are taken weekly by the Lake Illawarra Authority.  Check with the Lake Illawarra Authority before swimming in the lake by phoning 42249613.

August 05 Wollongong Council close Windang Boatshed.
2nd July 05
LIA open channel again.
1st July 05

LIA open pilot channel to sea. Unfortunately it closes again overnight. abc news

Shellharbour Council renew promise to go ahead with Entrance Works.

24th June 05

Shellharbour Council threatens on TV news to pull the plug on entrance works if 9.5% rate rise is slashed.

23th June 05

LIA start work on pilot channel to open Lake Illawarra

Lake Illawarra is still closed to the open sea.

20th June 05

Lake Illawarra Entrance Works

The rocks are there, the entrance is blocked and there are no nesting birds. The time to start is now and have it completed before the school holidays. The starting date for the Break Walls was the 1st June 2005 .This was the date the Chairman of the Lake Illawarra Authority had stated. He has now said there will be a two months delay because of the 41 submissions that have to be assessed, only then can it be sent to the Minister for approval, then the contracts will have to go out for tenders before they can be let, then the nesting birds will be back. That’s this year 2005 gone.

In the Wollongong Council 2005 to 2006 budget it said the work would start in May 2005. However, they have not committed their $1 million until next years budget $500,000 in 2005 to 2006 and the last payment of $500,000 in the 2006 to 2007 budget. This would indicate that the work will not start until may 2006 to be completed just before the next State Election.

The Mayor of Shellharbour has broken his election promise by saying his Labor Party Councilors will not pass their $1 million share if the community don’t accept his 9.5%rate rise. The Mayor of Shellharbour also said this could bring the project to a end because the State Government would stop there $2 million funding .


16th May 05

Lake Illawarra closed again

Once again Lake Illawarra is closed to the open sea.

12 February 05

Northern Breakwall - Environmental Impact Statement

The Lake Illawarra Authority held an open house at Windang.
Many questions were asked, some answered.
We all hope that the northern wall will go up soon and in line with the design specifications stipulated by the LIA stud, i.e. the northern wall at the recommended length, the spur and the dredging of the entrance channel . We have all seen the sad outcome of cutting corners when the southern wall was built.

Northern Breakwall EIS Public Display