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Tallawarra Power Station

When visiting this site in February 2008 we found contractors working on the old water Inlet channel from Lake Illawarra to the power station.

As these channels will be used to pump water from the lake into the power station, for cooling purposes, they have to be clean.

Photo shows the concrete channel, all you can see is air bubbles on the water surface under these bubbles is a diver walking on the channel bottom vacuuming all the rubbish and silt form the bottom.

Photo shows silt etc being pumped onto the old bowling greens that were on the site, the greens acting like a mini dam to catch all the silt etc they hope.

Photo shows over-flow dirty water from the bowling green pouring back into the lake.

We would like to know is this dirty black water contaminated.

Are TRUenergy polluting the lake?

Do Wollongong City Council and the Lake Illawarra Authority CARE?

We the residents, and users of the lake, DO CARE.