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The break walls are completed, the LIA shortened the northern wall by 25 metres at a cost saving of $250,000. Two questions should be asked.

1. was it another cost blowout or

2. has someone not paid their share?

The dredge arrived one month late, in February, and started dredging on the 19th February. The dredging contract is for 200,000 cubic metres of sand to be removed from the lake entrance and placed on Warilla beach, at a cost of $1.8 million. The time allowed to complete the dredbing contract is 36 weeks.

Will the cost cutting that has placed the $11 million entrance project in jeopardy still continue, will the dredging be completed or leave sand in the entrance?

Diagram 1

The Dredging plan as designed for the $4million Lake Entrance project at a cost of $1million to remove 200,000 cubic metres of sand to Warilla beach. The channel was to be 100 metres wide by 2 metres deep.

Diagram 2

The first change to the original design, the channel has been extended 350 metres further west, closer to windang Bridge. The width of the channel is still 100 metres wide by 2 metres deep. the contract price has changed to $1.8million and the 200,000 cubic metres to be removed ist the same. How can that be?

Diagram 3

The second change to the design plan, the channel width has been reduced to a width of 80 metres and shortened by 100 metres. This change took place 3 days after the NSW state election. That means that 60,000 cubic metres of sand will be left in the entrance, plus the Bird Island. Where will all that sand go?

Diagram 4

This diagram will show the progress of the dredging that has been programmed to take 36 weeks, that means a September opening. It has been reported by the pro fisherman that the prawns have died in the lake because it's been closed to long, thanks to the LIA and the only hope of prawns for Christmas is that the lake is open before August.

The dredge arriving at Reddall reserve on the 12th February 2007

The dredge being assembled and put in the water

On the 19th February the dredge had its first trial run, pumping sand to Warilla beach.

Pictures showing the sand being placed on the beach