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Stage 2 Lake Illawarra Entrance Works

Letter from Brian Dooley, Executive Officer of the Lake Illawarra Authority Submitted to Shellharbour Council Meeting 24 10 06 pdf

Stage 2 of Lake Illawarra Entrance Works consists of three parts.

1. The Northern Break Wall
2. The extensions to the Southern Break Wall
3. The dredging of a channel and placing that sand on Warilla Beach

We will keep you updated on the progress by filling in the project plan.

Introduction To The Lake Entrance Works, Stage 1 and Stage 2

1. Stage 1: construction of the Southern Wall
2. Stage 2:construction and progress of the Northern Wall
3. Any changes to work in progress
4. The completed project

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Stage 1 was designed in 1992.

This is a brief account of its failure and the need for the Northern Wall Stage 2.

Shown in pink is the design plan for the Southern Wall (Stage 1). Why was the wall not built to plan?

Changes to the project after its completion are shown in orange.

No 1: extension to western wall, high tides washed away sand beach. It was replaced with a rock wall.

No 2: Closing off the swimming lagoon. The entrances to the lagoon were constructed to line up with the natural channel flow, which lead to the lagoon becoming the main channel, making it unsafe for swimming and undermining the centre wall.

After the causeway was completed it had to be lowered and made into a weir to stop Reddall Pde from flooding on the high tide.

No 3: Extending the eastern wall to stop Warilla Beach from washing into Lake Illawarra entrance.

Closing the channel to the swimming area.

A photo showing the closing of the channel through the swimming lagoon. Look at the water that was flowing through that channel.

Aerial Picture of Lake Illawarra Entrance

It is clearly shown in this photo that the $5million Stage 1 (Southern Wall) did not work and the entrance to Lake Illawarra has blocked every year since its completion. It blocked in November 2005 and is still blocked in July 2006. (Check recent aerial pics on LIA site) That 's 8 months.

Artist Impression of completed entrance

Actual plan for the completion of entrance project

This is a plan that shows the completed stage 1 in pink, changes to stage 1 in an effort to make it work are in orange and stage 2 in black for the walls, blue for the removal of sand in the channel. As the project progresses we will indicate its progress.

The first change to stage 2 is the channel dredging.

It has been extended to deep water at the bridge end of the channel. The width of the channel has been decreased from 100 metres wide to 75 metres wide to save additional cost.

Starting Stage 2, The Northern Wall


The start of stage 2 with the symbolic moving of rock by Coast Wide Construction of the 22nd of June 2006. Save Lake Illawarra Action Group were delighted when we heard that Coast Wide were awarded the contract of stage 2. Their workmanship on stage 1 was first class.


The first rocks laid of the 50,000 tonnes of rock needed to complete the project.


The Northern Wall under way.


One hundred metres in only 20 days. Well done Coastwide.


Progress at the Southern Wall.


The Nothern Wall reaches the ocean.

LIA Signs


Digging out next section of Southern Spur Wall.


First day of the new excavator with GPS sensor on the arm, is put through it's paces on the Southern Spur Wall. Installing rock on the last piece to the beach.


Excavator gone back on Northern Wall to extend sand filter fillet.


Excavator digging out for toe boulders on Norterh Wall.

Note sand on left of excavator which just gets left where it is within the ocan reach at high tide.


More Northern Wall pushes into the ocean; at this point aprox. 200M.


Semi trailers can now deliver material to the face of the Northern Wall without a dump truck.


Northern Wall is now at 220 M and the excavator has moved back to the Southern Spur Wall in fear that there is rain coming and if the lake fills up ith might have to be opened.


Sand leaching through Stage 2 Wall into pocket beach every time the southerly winds fill the area, because wall was never blinded by smaller material


Constructor has run out of large rocks and awaiting quarry blasts so continued with setting out and bottom platform, including toe to the North


Rocks available so half of the set out platform is filled in.

Windang Surf Life Boat in action.


Wave breaks in front of the almost finished Southern Spur Wall.


Wave action in calm seas.


Working on the northern wall


panoramic view of the entrance, dredge and breakwalls


Dredge is being assembled


Dredge is being assembled

As the job reaches different aspects of construction, we will keep you updated