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Lake Illawarra seagrass beds are the only pristine seagrass beds left in NSW. Their importance to the environment is un-measurable, according to Mr. Allan Lug from NSW Fisheries, guest speaker at a Save Lake Illawarra Action Group meeting.

At another meeting our guest speaker was Dr. Ron West (Fish studies, Wollongong University ) , he also stressed the importance of the seagrass beds as fish breeding grounds, habitat and food source.

According to Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) publications, these seagrass are so important that a special permit must be obtained from the NSW Fisheries before they can be touched, or heavy fines will be imposed.

In March 2002 these photos were taken of the LIA contractors bulldozing the seagrass beds from Windang to Primbee.

This was reported to the NSW Fisheries.

NSW Fisheries took six months to reply. Then they stated that no permit had been issued and that the LIA had received a slap on the wrist.

After the “Big Dig” and “The Save Our Lake Rally” the LIA left the Lake entrance to stay closed during a drought.
The lake dried up, leaving the seagrass beds to die and all the sea life which depended on it died also.

When the NSW Fisheries were asked what effected this would have, after losing eighty percent of the seagrass beds and how long would they take to recover they did not know, stating it’s the LIA who are in charge of the lake.

It would seem that the LIA are protected by the NSW State Government allowing them to do as they want.