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Lake Illawarra , THE LONG WAIT.

The state of Lake Illawarra has not improved that much since the entrance works were completed.
There is a lot of work to be done before one can say “Thank god the LIA have got it right”.

We have been waiting a long time to have a lake which can be used for all the recreational activities appropriate for the lake.
Lake Illawarra was a well used waterhole where many frolicked and had a lot of fun, but that was yesteryear.

  •  In the past there was a very active ski club at Oak Flats, alas it’s gone.
  • Each week end many trailer sailors frequented the south-end of the lake, alas there gone.
  • We had a lovely big floating restaurant | entertainment boat called the Merinda, alas it’s gone
  • We had a catamaran hire at Mt Warrigal where many had fun enjoying themselves as novice sailors, alas it’s gone.
  • There was a boatshed at Windang where boats were available for hire, alas it’s gone.
  • At Reddal Reserve there were water bikes and canoes for hire, alas there gone.

Lake Illawarra is a beautiful body of water but a lot of the enjoyment has gone.
When one looks around the foreshore one can find evidence that people have given up on the LIA,
as the photos show.

Boat left to rot away while waiting for an improved lake.

Another boat gives up the long wait

The owner of this boat too has given up on the long wait.

This boat is out of the water, it too will become a memory.