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The Lake Illawarra Authority Board - Jobs for the boys

The Lake Illawarra Authority board consists of ten members.

Five of those members are SUPPOSED to be community members to represent:

  • The small businesses.
  • Tourist groups.
  • Professional fishing.
  • Sporting groups.
  • Indigenous people.
  • Amateur fishing clubs.
  • In fact ALL of those people should have an affinity with the lake.

The Chairman is then elected from one of the five Community members.

The Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA), place advertisements in the local newspapers asking for local residents to apply for positions on the board. Over the years many concerned residents have applied for these five positions, only to be told that their applications were not successful.

In 2002 to 2004 the community members of LIA were reduced from five to only four, even though there were many applicants, some from the “Save Lake Illawarra Action Group”, indigenous people and small businesses groups.

Why weren't any of these applicants suitable?

The new board has been appointed in November 2004:

  • Mr. Doug Prosser Chairman, now in for the thirteenth time
  • Ms. M. Hudson, twenty years a very active member of the local Labor Party
  • Professor J. Morrison from the University of Wollongong
  • Mr. R. Hales, retired assistant manager Wollongong City Council and
  • Ms. S. Chapman, Managing Director and CEO of NCS International.(SLIAG apologise for wrong credentials published earlier. We include Ms. Chapmans letter to us to set the record straight). Click here for letter (please enable popups)

Who selects the new board?  

They are selected by a panel of three, lead by Mr. Brian Dooley the Executive Officer of the LIA. The selection is then rubber stamped by the NSW Government.

This is a secret society with all its members sworn to secrecy. Their meetings are held in secret where only board members can attend.

What have they to hide from the public?

In 2000 the Auditor General questioned the LIA Boards selection process.  In charge of the inquiry was Mat Brown MP for Kiama. The final report was swept under the rug with no check on the LIA being done. What’s new about that?...

For many years the three who have run the LIA are:
Mr. B. Dooley, Executive Officer, Mr. G. Clarke, Lake Illawarra Coordinator and Mr. D. Prosser, Chairman.

It has now been said that the new board has top management skills.
Is this to commercially develop fore shore land?

Doug Prosser said: No “Save Lake Illawarra Action Group Inc.” members should be on the LIA board.
Is he now on the selection panel?

The Save Lake Illawarra Action Group Inc. members have been on the following LIA community committees:

  • Independent Review Panel on Lake Illawarra Entrance
  • Bevans Island Back Channel Advisory Committee
  • Floodplain Management Committee
  • Management Plan Advisory Committee

Where were all the new Lake Illawarra Authority committee members?