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THE LAKE ILLAWARRA AUTHORITY - Another Government bureaucracy

Before the Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) was formed in 1987, there was the Lake Management Committee;
the difference between the two was that the Lake Management Committee was funded by Shellharbour Council and Wollongong Council.

The Lake Illawarra Authority is funded half by the NSW State Government with Shellharbour Council and Wollongong Council providing the other half on a dollar for dollar basis .

  • The Lake Illawarra Authority has six commitments to Lake Illawarra , They are:
  • The removal of ooze, silt, sand, sediment, algae and weed growth.
  • The deepening of channels and bays and disposal of spoil.
  • The construction of silt traps and nutrient filters at entry points of streams and drains.
  • The landscaping of foreshores, including the planting and removal of trees and other vegetation.
  • The provision of recreational facilities and amenities, including beaches, boat ramps, boatsheds, jetties, wharves, moorings and appropriately screened car parks.
  • The carrying out of land reclamation and works for the protection of the environment.

Is water quality not the most important issue? 

Then why is it not included?

At the Lake Illawarra Symposium the LIA claimed they had spent fifty two million dollars ($52,000,000) on Lake Illawarra in the last sixteen years.A question has to be asked where has all the money gone?

We have been told that there have been over eighty studies done on the lake.

We have the wharves that go no where, these wharves (viewing platforms..) are on mud flats, not allowing boat access, however the birds love them and they look good.

The cycle ways and landscaping has been done under work for the dole program.

At the start there was some dredging work done at Warrawong, Berkeley and Lake Estuary at Reddall Reserve.

The last major project was the Southern Rock Break wall to keep a perment entrance to Lake Illawarra .

However it failed; this project is explained in full under the heading of The Southern Break wall.

You would consider that water quality is the most important consideration for a lake.

When the LIA were asked how much of the fifty two million dollars had been spent on the water quality in Lake Illawarra their reply was fifty five percent (55%).

That’s over twenty six million dollars ($26,000,000) and we still have the most polluted lake in New South Wales , Why?

The Lake Illawarra Authitory is now saying that a further forty five million dollars ($45,000,000) will be needed to fix the lake, or is it to keep their jobs?