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The Lake Illawarra Authority LIA has a plan to have a walkway around Lake Illawarra.
shows little concern about the effect this has on the residents or the environment of the lake foreshores.

Koona Bay is a good example of we do as we like, not as we say.

The LIA placed a sign at Koona Bay which stated that this wetland was a protected area and habitat for migratory and endangered birds. The site has three aboriginal middens which according to the report shoud not be disturbed.

Koona Bay residents

The LIA are responsible for the lake, so why is Shellharbour Council doing the path-way? This is costing between $400,000 to $800,000 using Shellharbour Council labor and reclaimed concrete fill. This will be back charged as work-in-kind so that Shellharbour Council will not have to pay the LIA their yearly contribution of $350,000.

The construction will see 350mm of the lakebed removed to a width of 5 metres  and a height of 600mm. The effect of this cycle-walkway will be the loss of bird habitat, destruction of the middens, allow flooding of the adjoining properties and sewerage overflows will be forced on to the adjoining properties. The LIA is aware of this and do not give a dam.

Koona Bay

SLIAG again express our concerns that the LIA wants to waste money on cosmetic things.

When dredging, the back channels and the drop off are left unattended. WHY?