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Update on THE LAKE DEBATE (more than two years later).

Wollongong Council said in their budget statement that work on the northern wall would start in May 2005.

Well the rocks are here...

The budget also said that $500,000 would be committed in the 2005 to 2006 and another $500,000 in the next budget 2006 to 2007. Does this mean the break walls will not be started until the Year 2006?

Shellharbour Council and Lord Mayor promised at the lake debate:

A year is a long time in politics... Shellharbour Council Manager Brian Weir and Major Hamilton said that The Entrance Works will be stopped if Shellharbour rate payers do not pay the 9.5% rate rise and has gone further to saying that we could lose the State Government $2 million.

This would stop the project.

The Save Lake Illawarra Action Group has asked our local State Government Member will this happen?

The answer was the entrance work will go ahead.

The Lake Illawarra Authority Chairman also said the entrance work will not be stopped however, this development could extend the starting time. 

Since then Shellharbour Council renewed the promise to commit the funds regardles of the fact that the rate rise was slashed by the State Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Anthony Kelly, from 9.5 to 3.7% , after more than 8000 Shellharbour residents signed a petition to protest against the proposed rise.

However, we are still waiting on definite timing for the project.

The Lake Debate

Lake Illawarra Entrance with rock stockpile on the northern side of the almost closed channel, April 2005.