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THE LAKE DEBATE -   Stand and Deliver

On the 16th February 2003 the Save Lake Illawarra Action Group, local small businesses and the community of Lake Illawarra held a march across Windang Bridge to “The Save Our Lake Rally” at Reddall Reserve Lake Illawarra.

At this rally the State Labor Government representative promised two million dollars for the northern wall project with the provision that Wollongong and Shellharbour council matched the offer inside a set time perimeter.

The two councils of the day, Wollongong and Shellharbour, showed reluctance to commit to their share of the nortern breakwall project. The Save Lake Illawarra Action Group saw the opportunity (with the council election being contested by so many Mayoral candidates) to ask them to put their case for a permanent entrance to Lake Illawarra at the Lake Debate.

The Lake Debate was held at Windang Bowling Club on 8th April 2003.

The Mayoral candidates for Shellharbour were:
Standing Mayor Joan Vinton, David Hamilton (ALP), John Cowen, Jeff Bailey and Stirling Scard.

The Mayoral candidates for Wollongong were:
Standing Mayor Alex Darling, Bob Proudfoot (ALP), David Moles and Nick Manias.

All the Mayoral candidates speaking at The Lake Debate, supported the northern Break Wall project and promised that if elected, would commit their council to their one million dollar share. The only candidate that did not support the entrance works was the Greens candidate Medith.

Update on Lake Debate more than two years on

Lake Illawarra Entrance with almost closed channel, April 2005.