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Meeting with Lylea McMahon MP

The 3 B’s (Bob Parsons, Bruce Carter and Barry Hennessy) held a meeting with Lyles McMahon MP the new State member for Shellharbour on 14 March 2008

She appeared apprehensive when we first walked into her office as she had no idea why we wanted to see her but after a few minutes she realised that we were not there to protest, jump up and down or demanding some sort of action of her part. 

We explained that we were there to establish contact with the new State Member for Shellharbour and introduce her to our group. We explained to her the aims and objectives of Save Lake Illawarra Action Group.

We raised 7 items with her:

  1. Back Channel, Bevans Island , showed her various plans and articles.
  2. Dredging of the lake channel at the ‘drop off’ to main lake.
  3. Lake Illawarra Management Plan can she obtain a copy for our group as it has been given to some schools.
  4. ‘Boab boat hire’ at Windang.
  5. Drains Reddall Pde no reply from LIA on our solution to the problem.
  6. Fish hall netting in lake Illawarra can fishing licence money be used to buy out these licences?
  7. LIA community members sworn to secrecy and can not discuss lake issues until two months after a meeting.
  8. Lylea she took notes all the time and advised that she would look into our concerns. She was also very happy to have her photograph taken at the end of the meeting.